Three Simple Ways to Advocate for the Arts

Sue Struve, Communications Manager, NASAA —

NASAA LogoYour voice matters in arts advocacy. If you are a board member or employee of an arts organization, an artist, a volunteer, a donor or an audience member, your message carries a special power: there is nothing that captures the attention of elected officials more than the hometown constituent point of view. This edition of The Practical Advocate offers three easy ways to voice your support for the arts in your state. None of them are complicated, and none involve lobbying or asking for money. All are easy and effective.

Now is an especially important time to get involved. Elections for 5,915 state legislative seats took place in November 2016—that’s more than 80% of all state legislative positions. Some newly elected officials will be unfamiliar with issues relating to public support for the arts. For incumbents who retained their seats, a new term presents a fresh opportunity for legislators to make their mark on state policy. And you never know who will be appointed to committees that influence decisions about the arts. So the time is ripe to lay a strong foundation of understanding.

Below are three simple ways to advocate the arts. Click here to download the complete document. 

  1. Congratulate the Winners
  2. Extend an Invitation
  3. Give Prominent Credit