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FEMA Funding for Arts and Cultural Organizations

From FEMA – FEMA is now providing retroactive reimbursement for safe opening and operation costs incurred to address COVID safety for expenses incurred from Jan. 20, 2020, through Dec. 31, 2021. Eligible private nonprofits can apply. Reimbursement is exclusive to COVID-19 emergency and major disaster declarations through FEMA’s Public Assistance program. Items that may be […]

Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants

From New York Foundation for the Arts New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), in partnership with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, has announced the newest cycle of its Rauschenberg Medical Emergency Grants program. The program provides one-time grants of up to $5,000 for recent unexpected medical, dental, and mental health emergencies, and is open to […]

Free New Online Toolkit – Arts Organizations at a Crossroads

From National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness & Emergency Response –  Over the last year-plus, many arts and cultural organizations have found themselves at a crossroads of some sort. It’s not always clear how to go about weighing your options and making decisions in a proactive and thorough way.  Free and online, The Arts Organizations at […]

Receive Up to $5,000 to Support Projects and Learning Opportunities

From South Arts – Do you know of a rising talent in traditional arts? The Emerging Traditional Artists Program, part of our In These Mountains initiative, recognizes and supports a new generation of traditional artists (ages 18-35) that have demonstrated a high level of skill in, commitment to, and leadership in their traditional art form […]

Volunteer Opportunity with the Tennessee Person-Centered Music Program

From Sidney Schuttrow, Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability – We are excited to announce a new volunteer opportunity through our Tennessee Person-Centered Music Program. The Tennessee Person-Centered Music Program offers residents at participating Tennessee nursing homes individualized music as part of their care. This volunteer role will allow you to be trained as a […]

Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund Grants

From The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis – As a part of Phase 3 of the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis is offering Operating Support to stabilize nonprofits who are directly responding to the target populations most impacted by the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Mid-South region. […]