Application Review Process

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  3. Review
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Once an application is submitted, staff will examine all applications for completeness and compliance with eligibility criteria. Eligible applications are then reviewed, rated on how well they address evaluation criteria and ranked by one of the following:

  1. A panel of in-state professionals at an Advisory Panel Meeting
  2. Out of state adjudicators
  3. Commission staff

Awards are based on the outcome of the ratings, rankings, and availability of funds. Applicants are notified of awards by mail or email. Unanticipated shortfalls in annual state revenue may require the Commission to reduce the agency’s budget at any time during a fiscal year. Such budget cuts could reduce grants made during the fiscal year. The State of Tennessee requires that the Commission reserve the right to reduce grants in response to budget reductions.

The Commission reserves the right to deny any application if the grant’s purpose is outside of the scope or spirit of the grant program.

About the Review Process

How grants are reviewed

Advisory Panel Review Meetings

What to expect from your panel review

Panelist Nomination Form

Nominate someone (or yourself) to be a panelist

Grants Panel Dates

Use the calendar below to find the date of your Annual Grant Panel Review. For your convenience, a telephone dial-in attendance option for Advisory Panel Meetings is available. To connect, please dial 888-778-2006. See Advisory Panel Review Meetings above for details.

Panel Date
  • Major Cultural Institutions
  • Partnership Support
  • Cultural Education Partnerships
Panel Date
  • Arts Access
  • Arts360
  • Arts Education Community Learning
  • Arts Education Teacher Training
  • Arts Project Support
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Funds for At-Risk Youth
  • Rural Arts Project Support
Panel Date
  • Individual Artist Fellowship