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Tim Oliphant

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Tim Oliphant, aka Mr. Ollie, has been a professional cartoonist/humorous illustrator since 1983. His work has appeared in local, national, and international publications.  He’s been a teaching artist since 1987 working in schools, libraries, museums, community centers, and more with all ages and social and economic areas. His residences and workshops have expanded to all the states in the southeast plus IL and Ohio. In 2008 Mr. Ollie was award the Outstanding Artist in Residence Award from the Tenn. Arts Commission.

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Program Title: Humorous Illustration

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This program presents art as humorous illustration as a means to show and demonstrate art in a more user-friendly way for the novice art student or those who are more seasoned in their art experience. Humorous Illustration expresses art in more abstract terms, whereas a subject drawn would not have to look like real life, but portray the subject matter in a more creative fashion. In my almost forty years of being an artist in residence, this technique has worked well to open doors to those who feel intimidated by art and stepping out into something they are not familiar with.

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