Creative Aging Teaching Roster

Nashville Shakespeare Festival

The Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s mission is to educate and entertain the Mid-South community through professional Shakespearean experiences.  NSF Teaching Artists’ approach in the classroom aims to identify the essential humanity found within the text, and then introduces tools actors use to make sense of the language, characters, and stories.  No matter who you are, where […]

Sarah Nowlin

Sarah has over 10 years of experience teaching visual art workshops and courses to all ages and community groups.  She inspires creativity and encourages students of all skill levels while exploring acrylic paint, collage, abstract expression, sketching and concepting.  Sarah infuses art appreciation with instruction, discussion and interaction.  Example courses include: abstract art, drawing and […]

Nichole Schappert

My experience as a Teaching Artist encompasses a broad range of pedagogy, tailored for various ages. I have held workshops with Middle and High School learners and currently instruct University and College students. I believe quality and affordable education is a right. I strive to promote lifelong learning and education equality. My practice involves accessibility […]