Creative Aging Teaching Roster

Creative Aging Memphis

Creative Aging’s Senior Studio courses offer lifelong learning through the arts. Lead by talented teaching artists, these multi-session courses provide older adults with access to participatory art making opportunities. Creating […]

Tim Oliphant

Tim Oliphant, aka Mr. Ollie, has been a professional cartoonist/humorous illustrator since 1983. His work has appeared in local, national, and international publications.  He’s been a teaching artist since 1987 […]

Thandiwe Shiphrah

Thandiwe Shiphrah is a multidisciplinary teaching artist who writes for print, performance, and electronic media. She is a recipient of the TN Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship in Literature and […]

Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre

Cazateatro became a 501c3 in August 2014. It was founded with the mission of spreading and sharing the Hispanic culture through performing arts to create a uniting bridge for our […]

Timothy Wiegenstein

Timothy Wiegenstein is an artist and educator.  Wiegenstein believes his artistic roots stem from his rural beginnings, working with children and adults in various capacities.  As a Teaching Artist for […]