Creative Aging Teaching Roster

Monroe Area Council for the Arts (MACA)

Jan Lowry and Mia Sage Lowry-Beason have contracted with the Monroe Area Council for the Arts for the last four years. Jan Lowry has years of training in visual arts, line dance, and theatre arts. Her forty two years in public education have taught her the value of patience and persistence when working with any […]

Robyn Barber

Robyn is one-half of an Artisan Couple living in Santa Fe, Tennessee. While she has had a life-long passion for creativity, her husband has fostered a love of woodworking.  They now nurture their creativity in a combined workshop known as Chestnut Grove Studios. Robyn’s earliest artwork exhibited an impressionist style with acrylics on canvas.  Her […]

Elaine Barnes

Elaine is an artist committed to sharing her joy of learning and creativity with others.  She has spent 30 + years teaching students of all ages.  Teaching art processes whether they be in clay, drawing or painting, she has found that there is always problem solving involved which keeps the brain busy and happy!  Expressing […]

Marta Beatriz

Marta Beatriz is a contemporary artist/poetry writer/singer/songwriter who lives in Memphis, TN since 2013. She is an addition to Healing Arts Project Inc. and volunteers as an independent art instructor. She is certified as a Peer Recovery Specialist and Therapeutic Art Coach and uses healing arts as a tool to help people cope with the […]

Jonathan Blanchard

Bass Vocalist, Jonathan Blanchard is a touring & recording artist from Memphis TN.  As a teaching artist, he provides a variety of programs, bringing history to life through music.  Usually accompanied by a full band, Blanchard has shared his unique, arts integration, approach with groups of all ages, live and virtually. Jonathan has proven to […]

Matthew Bridges

Matt continues to offer his unique, hands-on and interactive music programs for seniors across Tennessee, including programs with Music for Seniors and Southland Creatives. Focusing on the universal concept of natural rhythms in our everyday lives, Matt leads participants in a variety of percussion/ music-based activities. He has facilitated over 600 of these programs since […]

Bailey Earith

I am a mixed media fiber artist.  I enjoy providing creative opportunities to adults who want to explore new techniques in a fun, supportive environment.  I offer programs in a variety of different mediums including (but not limited to): Mandala Drawing, Book Making, Art Journaling, Needle Felting, and Art Quilting. Bailey Earith is a teaching […]

Brianna Fearing

Brianna is the Assistant Art Event Coordinator for the Healing Arts Project, Inc in TN. She is an artist herself, primarily working with acrylics, although she has recently ventured into creating abstract art. She is very active in the mental health recovery community and volunteers with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. She also works […]

Nashville Shakespeare Festival

The Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s mission is to educate and entertain the Mid-South community through professional Shakespearean experiences.  NSF Teaching Artists’ approach in the classroom aims to identify the essential humanity found within the text, and then introduces tools actors use to make sense of the language, characters, and stories.  No matter who you are, where […]

Barbara Hodges

Barbara Hodges has been teaching visual arts to people of all ages for 20+ years. Her love for the visual arts has expanded into explorations in 2D and 3D mixed media, assemblage, collage, visual storytelling, and acrylic painting.  Hodges enjoys helping adult learners connect to their own creative roots and interests; thus, discovering their hidden […]

Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre

Cazateatro became a 501c3 in August 2014. It was founded with the mission of spreading and sharing the Hispanic culture through performing arts to create a uniting bridge for our diverse community, emphasizing the importance of being bilingual and showing the richness of our diverse community. We also seek to introduce the greater Memphis community […]