TN Arts Website Refresh

From Suzanne Lynch, Director of Marketing and Development –

If you haven’t noticed already, last week we launched our updated website at We hope that you will find the new site easy to navigate and helpful. Many of the pages feature a long-scrolling layout so be sure to keep scrolling down to the end of the page for important information blocks. The site is designed to accommodate different device widths — desktop, tablet, and mobile. For easy navigating, click the hamburger at the top right of the page to access the navigation. From there you can jump to the page you want to visit.

We have added several new features such as Grants Opportunities which replaces the previous Grants-At-A-Glance page. The grants pages have a handy timeline at the top of the page that can help you either find, apply, review or manage your grants. While most of the links are the same as before, some have changed. If you can’t find something, try using the search tool located at the top right next to the hamburger. Note that all information regarding accessibility is now located under the Manage Your Grant page instead of under the About Us page. Our news blog will now incorporate news from Arts Education and Folklife, which previously was on their respective sites. Under the resources tab, you will find links to Commission events and exhibits.

Both and are also being refreshed and will launch this month. Let us know what you think, we would love to get your feedback!