Announcing the Current Art Fund for Artists

From Brian R. Jobe, Executive Director, Co-Founder, Tri-Star Arts –

Tri-Star Arts is proud to announce the Current Art Fund granting program; created and administered by Tri-Star Arts as a partner in the Regional Re-granting Program of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

The Current Art Fund generally will award project-based grants, however in 2020 only, we will distribute artist emergency grants due to COVID-19.

Emergency Relief 2020

In light of the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19, our inaugural grants in late 2020 will propel visual artists by providing qualified disaster emergency relief grants. Across the nation, COVID-19 has affected the livelihoods of working people in all industries; particularly those who work in the creative fields. The Current Art Fund will provide 60 grants of $1000 each to Tennessee-based contemporary visual artists, selected by a lottery system, to use towards any hardships created by the pandemic. The grant is not taxable. We understand that difficult situations have arisen for artists in our communities and seek to help alleviate that.

Application Details

There is not an application fee to apply. Artists will be asked to submit a website, CV, OR proof of recent artistic activity. Applicants may share a link to a recent program or event in which they participated, a resume/CV, or documentation of their artistic work. We have a streamlined application with minimal questions.

If applicants are unable to complete the online application, they are welcome to email the responses and/or any questions to or mail application materials to P.O. Box 40487, Nashville, TN 37204. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older and reside in the state of Tennessee. BIPOC applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. The Current Art Fund is now open for applications!


Who is eligible?
Contemporary visual artists and arts professionals who are 21 years of age and older residing in the state of Tennessee who have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much is each award worth?
The Current Art Fund will be dispersing a total of $60,000 in the form of 60 grants of $1000 each.

What is required for the application?
Identifying information and proof of artistic practice.

What is considered to be proof of artistic practice?
A website, CV/resume, documents detailing, past, current, or canceled events, etc.

Do I need to apply with a project proposal?
No. You only need to be an eligible artist or arts professional with a financial need.

How can I use the funds?
The award can be used for art-related expenses, bills, groceries, childcare, or any other financial burden or loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is considered to be a financial loss?
Lost wages from canceled events, exhibitions, commissions, and future opportunities. If you are not primarily paid for your art work, lost income from tips, cut hours, or recent unemployment are also applicable.

About Tri-Star Arts
Tri-Star Arts serves Tennessee by spotlighting and growing the contemporary visual art scenes in each region and fostering a unified statewide art scene. Our programs promote art dialogue between the different cities in the state, and between the state and the nation. The Current Art Fund amplifies this mission.