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Vali Forrister

Contact Name: Vali Forrister

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Vali is a theater artist who helps others find their voice and speak their truths on stage and in life. She is the creator of Act Like a GRRRL, an autobiographical writing and performance program for teenage girls, and its sister program Big GRRRL, which has changed the lives of 100s of girls and women in the last 18 years. She has adapted the program successfully for the TN Prison for Women and for the United Methodist Church in a multicultural setting in Bolivia. She is eager to bring this transformative work to older adults through personal narrative workshops/performances.

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I am a theater director and acting coach specializing in the Meisner Technique. My graduate training was in the performance of personal narratives for individual and social change. Over the last 20 years, I have led hundreds of women and girls through personal narrative workshops to find their voices and speak their truths on stage and in life. I created a 3 step process of scripting, sharing, and public performance through which this transformation takes place. Out of this process, I created Act Like a GRRRL (for teenage girls) and Big GRRRL (for women 21+).

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