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Daniel Arite

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Nashville, TN

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Phone: (615) 837-6487

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Daniel Arite is a multidisciplinary artist with over a decade of experience as a teaching artist.  His love of drawing expanded into explorations in mixed media, assemblage, collage, digital art, printmaking, and video.  He believes anyone can learn to draw and he takes great joy in showing the tools and techniques that artists use in their craft. His teaching experience includes drawing and mixed media art workshops and classes for adults offered through MNPS Community Education, Community Education at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, and arts projects offered in partnership with community centers, churches, and arts presenting organizations.

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Program Title: Drawing On Your Creativity

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Drawing On Your Creativity is a drawing class with a focus on discovering a personal way of drawing that is as distinct as a signature.  It is designed to tap into the imagination (like we all do as children) and draw with a goal of communicating our unique outlook to others and for the shear enjoyment of expressing ourselves though imagery. Common techniques like gesture, contour and modeled drawing will be developed but we will also explore uncommon techniques like drawing with the mind’s eye, using our senses (other than sight) to guide us, and communicating with symbols. Each session will introduce a new technique and reinforce a skill from the previous session as we build a drawing foundation. For inspiration and to expand possibilities for our own works, we will watch short videos featuring a variety of visual artists. We will draw together, share our work, and celebrate each other’s progress.

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