NEA Announces the Toolkit on Careers in the arts for People with Disabilities!

From National Endowment for the Arts –

In recognition of the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the culmination of ongoing work to increase accessibility in the arts, the NEA is pleased to announce, in partnership with Art Beyond Sight, the Careers in the Arts Toolkit for People with Disabilities. The Careers in the Arts Toolkit is an online resource promoting equity, access, and inclusion for people with disabilities seeking careers in the arts with tailored sections to support artists with disabilities in their career path and those who play a significant role in offering opportunities for training and employment.

What you will find in this toolkit:

  • Resources for Artists, Cultural Workers, and Youth with DisabilitiesThis section features tips on pursuing careers in the arts, best practices for obtaining the supports people with disabilities need to succeed on the job, and background on types of arts careers.
  • Resources for Arts EmployersThis section explains the benefits of disability inclusion in the arts, ways for arts leaders to ensure their institution is disability inclusive, and how to take proactive steps to hire, present, cast, and advance people with disabilities in arts workplaces.
  • Resources for Arts Educators. This section explores how arts educators can prepare students with disabilities for careers in the arts, and best practices for fostering disability inclusion within their educational institutions.
  • Resources for Arts Grantmakers. This section will help grantmakers understand their role in practicing equitable philanthropy that is inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • Artist Profiles – Stories of success in obtaining a career in the arts by disabled artists and arts administrators across artistic disciplines and geography.

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