National Survey for COVID-19 Impact on Artists and Creative Workers

By Americans for the Arts –

If you are an artist or creative worker, please participate in the Americans for the Arts’ national survey of COVID-19’s impact on artists and creative workers. This survey is designed to assess the creative and social—as well as financial and professional—impact of the pandemic on individual creative workers across all artistic disciplines. All responses will be kept completely confidential, handled securely, and reported in the aggregate only. The findings will help us address the most pertinent issues facing our local arts sector as well as inform state and federal advocacy efforts.

Importantly, this survey will also provide localized findings that we all can use to advance these efforts. Once a robust sample of surveys has been collected, Americans for the Arts will send us a link providing access to a dynamic online report that is customized for our community. We will share that report with the arts community.

The survey takes 15-30 minutes to fill out. The deadline is Friday, April 9. Survey Link: