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Hoyt “Jake” Davis

(1925-2015) lived in Woodbury Rocking Chair white oak and hickory wood, nails, 45 1/2 x 25 1/2 x 31 3/4 inches, 2002.52 One of five chairmaking sons of locally renowned […]

Hattie Duncan

(b.1947) lives in Jackson Dora, (n.d.) paper, paint, glue, 27.5 x 7.5 inches, 2015.65.36 As the daughter of a sharecropper who “was always sketching, painting and doodling” in his spare […]

Johan Hagaman

(b.1950) born in Indiana, lives in Nashville The Spark, The Wick, The Honey, 2005 (detail) concrete and mixed media, 5 x 26 x 5 inches, 2005.133 This female figure is […]

Marilee Hall

(n.d.) lives in Cookeville Birth of the Mystery-Kingfisher, 2012 white earthenware with oxides, underglazes and textured glazes, 17 x 9 x 5 inches, 2015.65.34 Throughout my career I have made […]

Marc Hansen

(d. 1975) lived in Kalamazoo, MI Bottle, 1975 porcelain, crystal glaze, 8 ¾ x 6 x 5 ¾ inches, 93.39.19 In the spring of 1971, under the auspices of the […]

Roy Harper

(1925-2021) born in Coffee County, lived in Manchester Union Station, 2003 oil on canvas, 30 42 inches, 2003.97 This painting depicts the Dixie Flyer steam locomotive departing Nashville’s Union Station […]

Sharon Lee Hart

(b.1975) lives in Florida DeeDee, 2009 (selected from the Sanctuary project) black and white photograph printed with archival ink, 40 x 40 inches, 2015.65.23 I visited and photographed the animal […]

Bill Henry

(b.1930) lives in Oak Ridge Bluebird House on Stump poplar, paint, 10.75 x 3.5 inches, 2002.47.2-3 For over 50 years, self-identified “itinerant whittler,” folk craftsman Henry has mastered over 200 […]

Terry Max Hochstetler

(b.1941) lives in Clarksville Interior of a Chicken House, 1966 oil on canvas, 60.75 x 72.75 x 2.25 inches, 80.112 Hochstetler holds a M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University. He joined […]

Scott Hodes

(b. 1992) lives in Franklin Atmospheric Incalmo Flair Bottle, 2006 hand blown and slumped glass, 20 x 9 inches, 2008.168.4 Hodes received a B.S. in Art from the University of […]

Sándor Horváth

(n.d.) lives and works in Romhány, Hungary Hand Sculpture II, 1975 salt glazed stoneware, 15.25 x 4 inches, 93.39.176 In the spring of 1971, under the auspices of the International […]

Frank Hundley

(n.d.) Egg Car, 1977 sterling silver, 3 x 2.9 x 2.375 x 2.5 inches, 77.36.41 This object is a hand-sized egg shaped hot rod with seven wires over the windshield […]

John Huron

(n.d.) lives in Bristol Handmade Fretless Mountain Banjo, n.d. black walnut, groundhog hide, 37 ½ x 10 x 1 ¾ inches, 2002.50 Huron is a musician and builder of a […]

Neely Hyde

(b.1978) lives on Signal Mountain Augustine, 2006 light jet print, 48 x 48 inches, 2015.65.27 Holding a B.F.A. and M.F.A. degree from the University of Tennessee, Hyde has extensive experience […]

Walter Hyleck

(b. 1942) born in Beloit, Wisconsin, lives and works in Berea, Kentucky Double Sphered Landscape, 1973 clay, 3.5 x 12 x 5 inches, 93.39.92 Well respected as an educator, Walter […]

Sylvia Hyman

(1917-2012) born in Buffalo, NY, lived in Nashville Crate of Books and Things, 2002 ceramic stoneware, 10.75 x 12 x 8.25 inches, 2005.54.2 Hyman received her bachelor’s degree in art […]

Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton

(b. 1976) lives in Murfreesboro Wasps: Xerox Scandal, falsifying financial results for five years, booting income by 1.5 billion, 2007 acrylic on canvas, 4 x 4 feet, 2009.54.1 Phouthavong-Houghton was […]

Joanna Higgs Ross

(b.1934) born and lives in Nashville Mountains and Clouds, 2014 oil on canvas, frame built and painted by artist, 38 x 46 inches Gift of Jane Sims Camp In 1957, […]

Trevle Haley Wood

(b.1930) lives in Cannon County, TN and Sylva, NC Butterfly Basket, 1999 white oak, 13 x 16 x 10.75 inches, 2001.68.8 The name of this white oak rib basket comes […]