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Young Appalachian Story Summit










The Young Appalachian Story Summit is a grant-funded initiative, therefore there is not a registration fee for this conference.

About the Summit

The Young Appalachian Storytelling Summit is a young adult-led event that focuses on a critical issue: how young adults can use storytelling as a leadership tool to create Appalachia’s future. Summit participants have the opportunity to hear from diverse voices within Appalachia; to understand how storytelling can help them take action in their own communities; and to join a network of like-minded young Appalachians to collaborate with beyond the event. The September 12, 2021 Summit, Crossroads, will focus on the intersections of who we are and how we engage our voices with the wider community. Participants will collaboratively explore their own strengths at these “crossroads” and develop concrete ways to use these strengths as tools in their lives and work by using the power of storytelling to cultivate a united voice during global unease. The Summit will include workshops, networking, story circles, and a panel discussion to empower young adults to share their voices with their wider communities and help shape Appalachia’s future. The Summit is open to anyone in the ARC’s 13-state Appalachian region.