Photographs from the Field: 30 Years of the Folklife Program

By Dana Everts-Boehm, Folklife Program Assistant — As Folklife Program Assistant, I have had the great privilege of working with Dr. Robert Cogswell to promote and preserve Tennessee’s rich folk culture. Dr. Cogswell’s dedication to Tennessee’s folklife traditions is clearly evident in TAC’s current exhibition, Photographs from the Field: 30 Years of the Folklife Program. The […]

2015 IAF Winner, Gregory Sand

By: Grace Robinson Individual Artist Fellowship, Media Artist Gregory Sand challenges traditional photography through his exploration of the media’s expression of time and its relationship to issues of existence and death. By recycling old photographs to create new abstract works of art, he shares his interest in the juxtaposition between the brief moment of life […]

2015 IAF Winner, Jan LaPerle

By: Grace Robinson Individual Artist Fellowship, Literary Arts Whimsical writer Jan LaPerle has worked in poetry, fiction and verse. She writes to feel and to understand, to celebrate and to discover. Her creative process includes reflection on her current life events, interwoven with the everyday demands of motherhood and participation in the professional sphere. LaPerle’s […]

Happy New Year!

GREETINGS FROM ANNE B. POPE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We are looking forward to an incredibly busy start of 2015 so I wanted to make sure you could get a few things down on your calendars right away. On January 22 from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., there […]

2015 IAF Winner, Bryce Brisco

By: Grace Robinson Individual Artist Fellowship, Craft Bryce Brisco is both a creator and explorer of pottery and ceramics. Considered an artist of contemporary pottery, he draws his inspiration from the pursuit of traditional Southern American folk wares and its three main influences: German salt glaze, English slipware and Chinese ash glaze. Through his use […]