Visual Arts Matter: A New Resource by Arts Education Partnership

Visual Arts Matter: How Visual Arts Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve and Thrive by Arts Education Partnership

By Ann Brown, Director of Arts Education

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a national network of organizations dedicated to advancing the arts in education through research, policy and practice, released a new resource titled Visual Arts Matter: How Visual Arts Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve and Thrive. The document highlights research about how the visual arts cultivate skills for learning, boost academic achievement, and positively enhance the educational experience for traditionally underserved students. There are easily digestible talking points about the impact of the visual arts as well as images of student artwork throughout the document, including pieces from L&N STEM Academy students Abigail Rumpp and Desiree Dobbins of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Artwork by Abigail Rumpp, L&N STEM Academy, Knoxville, TN

According to AEP, “the current body of research demonstrates the far-reaching and lasting impact of visual arts education, including increased math scores, language acquisition and many other positive outcomes. By investing in visual arts education from pre-kindergarten through postsecondary education, education leaders, policymakers and practitioners can support student achievement and build a strong foundation for lifelong success.”

Artwork by Desiree Dobbins, L&N STEM Academy, Knoxville, TN

Referencing studies vetted by experts in arts education, Visual Arts Matter is a useful tool to help articulate to stakeholders the importance of the visual arts. The Arts Education Partnership maintains a vast database of research at, the nation’s hub for research on the impact of arts education, and additional arts education resources on the AEP website at