FY22 Rolling Grants Available

By Ann Brown, Associate Director of Grants – 

The Commission is offering the following Rolling Grants in Fiscal Year 2022 to cover a range of arts activities and arts services throughout the state. Rolling Grants, by definition, are grants reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis, according to the availability of funds. Typically Rolling Grants are distributed first-come, first-served to nonprofits and local governments to carry out projects during the current year. See specific guidelines for more information about project eligibility and grant program outcomes. For questions, contact Commission staff listed below.

Arts Access Mini-Grant: Support for new applicants for arts projects which focus on increasing access to underserved and underrepresented people. Kim Johnson, Director of Arts Access

Arts Education Mini-Grant: Funding for arts integration projects to improve instruction and increase student outcomes through arts integration. Alicia Fuss, Director of Arts Education

Special Opportunities: Covid-19 Arts Resilience Grant: Support for nonprofit organizations and local governments to support creative responses to COVID-19 through the arts. Contact program directors as listed in guidelines. For general inquiries, Ann Brown, Associate Director of Grants

Special Opportunities: Creative Aging Tennessee II: Funding for nonprofit arts, senior service or community organizations, and governmental entities to support sequential arts learning for seniors aged 60+. Kim Johnson, Director of Arts Access, at

Special Opportunities: Arts & Economic Prosperity Study 6: Non-matching funds to support participation in the study of the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. Shannon Ford, Director of Community Arts Development, or Melissa Moody, Arts Build Communities Coordinator

Student Ticket Subsidy: Support for artist fees, tickets, and transportation for Tennessee public schools carrying out arts field trips and in-school artist residencies. Michelle Sipes, Arts Learning Specialist

Targeted Arts Development Initiative: Support for arts projects in underserved, rural communities with a special focus on Distressed counties and At-Risk counties. Contact program directors as listed in guidelines. For general inquiries, Ann Brown, Associate Director of Grants