DeVos Accepting Applications for Pro Bono Consultation

From Syrah Gunning, Director, Training, Research, and Development, DeVos Institute of Arts Management –

The DeVos Institute of Arts Management is accepting applications for pro bono consultation for US-based organizations focused on strengthening or developing arts programming to enhance social cohesion.

At a pivotal moment in our nation’s journey — one that calls for justice, reconciliation, restitution, and healing — the program seeks to assist organizations in the development and implementation of arts programming that promotes engagement between parties that may not otherwise engage in constructive or creative dialogue.

Strong candidates include organizations that have developed programs that use a creative practice (e.g. visual art, performing art, public art, art as social practice) to traverse divides — whether those be social, cultural, racial, economic, geographic, and/or political. Arts, culture, education, and humanities organizations are invited to apply, as well as civic, health, community development, faith, or social service organizations using creative practice in this manner.

The six-month planning process will begin in July 2021 and result in a detailed programmatic strategy and corresponding plans to produce visibility for the program and capitalize the program and the organization. Applications are requested by May 15, 2021. Please visit our website at for more information and application instructions.