50 Years of Craft From The Commission’s Collection

On Exhibt in the TN Arts Commission Gallery July 21–September 15, 2017

By Krishna Adams, Director of Visual Arts, Craft, Media and Design –

Marc Hansen
Marc Hansen, Bottle, 1975

Across the three grand divisions that make up the east, middle and west Tennessee regions, craft artisans have continued to heighten and hone their original and inventive skills in every imaginable way and medium. Updating their processes through classes and mentorships, machinery and tools, or by staying true to original methods, highly skilled craft artisans are found throughout Tennessee. Their craft objects are often utilitarian but may also simply be appreciated for their beauty.

The Tennessee Arts Commission Collection encompasses a diverse range of art from artists statewide. From contemporary works and fine craft to traditional folklife artistry, Tennessee is fortunate to have an enduring history of strong, artistic expression. This exhibition highlights a small selection of objects purchased over the years by the Commission to ensure their preservation and to document their importance to the history and future of the great State of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Admission is free. If you are interested in scheduling a gallery tour, contact me at or 615.532.9798.

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Johan Hagaman
Johan Hagaman, The Spark, The Wick, The Honey, 2005
Brenda Stein
Brenda Stein, Lullaby of Birdland, 2005
Diane Krapf Kubitz
Diane Krapf Kubitz, Whimsey, 1977