2 x 2: Wisdom is a Work in Progress—new exhibit by Jay and Marga Hayes McBride opens January 22, 2016

By Krishna Adams, Director of Visual Arts, Craft, Media, and Design –

jay and marga2 x 2: Wisdom is a Work in Progress is a collection of works by East Tennessee artists Jay and Marga Hayes McBride that will be on exhibit in the Tennessee Arts Commission gallery from January 22 through March 11.

Passionate about all they do, East Tennessee artists Marga and Jay met at a museum event 11 years ago and discovered a mutual love of art they have shared and nurtured through the years.


Marga Hayes McBride

Specializing in painting and ceramic and bronze sculptures, Marga loves art that touches the soul. When she is not creating she is instructing others how to refine their craft. Marga’s work has been featured in over fifty solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the country. Most recently, Marga created a life size figurative sculpture and fountain for the outdoor courtyard at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, TN. The courtyard can be viewed on Facebook at Healing Fountain by Marga McBride. Learn more about Marga at

“I come home to have this exhibition in Nashville.  I was born here. I began to draw, paint and make things in all manner of “media” here which drove my poor mother (nearly apoplectic), to saying, “Do we have to make something today?!” The answer was invariably “Yes.”

I have returned to school (where I started) at the University of Tennessee, to learn new ways, new tools and even newer mediums. Things have changed since I studied with the great and wonderful Carl Sublett and Byron McKeeby, but I am more ready now, I think.

This year also marks my 30th year in the practice of yoga.  I had my first class here under a brilliant teacher named June Lasalvia. She is no longer with us, but her teaching has stayed with me all these years. And to pay homage to one more of my teachers, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke whose lines took me “safely through the wildest storm of all.”

It’s time to come full circle.  What have I learned?

stages of enlightenment by Marga H. McBride
Stages of Enlightenment by Marga H. McBride

My husband put it perfectly “Wisdom is a work in progress.”


Jay McBride

Writer, story-teller, craftsman and businessman, Jay began as a carpenter. He later rose to prominence in the field of building and development, and eventually discovered his passion for turning wood to create original shaped bowls, which he often donates to nonprofit organizations.

“I started my professional life as a carpenter. As my role in construction changed, I continued my love for the feel and beauty of this natural resource. I began to notice the craftsmanship and functionality created by wood turners and was once again drawn to try my hand at wood.

I am convinced that each piece of wood carries its own highest, best use. My challenge as a turner is to find that shape and expose it with skill.”

Cherry Bowl by Jay McBride
Cherry Bowl by Jay McBride

Due to inclement weather, the informal reception that was originally scheduled for Friday, January 22 at the Tennessee Arts Commission gallery has been cancelled. A new date for the reception will be announced soon. The show however, will be open.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To schedule a gallery tour, contact Krishna Adams at 615.532.9797.