Commissioners and Staff

Sarah Cantrell

Term: 2023-2028, Congressional District 3

After graduating from Lee University with a public relations and marketing degree, she entered the political sector of United States politics as a field rep for US Senator Fred Thompson and a sales associate for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Sarah has been home with her two teen children in the southeast Tennessee area but has also kept involved in the community in many ways. She is the co-founder of Willowbend Farms, an organization that educates the community on human trafficking as well as a full-scale program for women who have been identified and desire full services. Sarah also owns a concert promotion business, Oh My Stars, that brings the arts and music together for good. Sarah is a former classically trained ballet dancer with His Company International in Houston, Texas.

Sarah & her husband Jonathan, the owner of Caldwell Paving and Manhattan Materials, reside in Cleveland, TN.