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Scott DeWaard

Studio Address: 4132 Rocky Branch Road
Walland, Tennessee 37886

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I’ve been making my living as a woodworker since 1980. A full resume is available on request. I have come to believe in proven technique, honesty in materials and beauty. I strive to build furniture that is good enough and beautiful enough that it will retain value for generations. The vast majority of my work is client driven, so if you want something and simply cannot find it any ware, I may be your man. Skilled hands for hire.

Tennessee craft master Scott DeWaard participated in the Master Artist Apprentice Program (MAAP), a cooperative partnership of the Tennessee Arts Commission and Tennessee Craft. The mission of this collaboration is to encourage and invest in the continuation, advancement and creation of Tennessee craft by recognizing the role of the master craft artist and apprentice relationship as a way to preserve the state’s cultural heritage.

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