Recovery Grant Management Checklist

Use this checklist to get paid quickly and avoid rework on TN Nonprofit Arts & Culture Recovery grant forms.


  • Implement your program as authorized.
  • UEI. Every grantee needs a new Unique Entity ID to replace DUNS. To register your organization or get a Unique Entity ID, go to the SAM website | Entity Registrations and click on the green Get Started button on the right side of the page. Enter the ID in your Organization Profile in the TN Arts online grant system.
  • Credit. Any publications produced with funds from this grant must display this message: “This project [is being] [was] supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLFRP5534 awarded to the State of Tennessee by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.”
  • Notice of Audit Report. Every grantee must submit a Notice of Audit Report to the TN Central Procurement Office within 90 days of the end of your fiscal year. The form is Attachment B in your contract. Upload a copy in your Organization Profile in the TN Arts online grant system.
  • Single Audit. If your organization expends $750,000 or more in federal and/or state funds, you must have a Single Audit. Advance planning is needed. See Job Aid for Understanding Grant Audit Requirements.
  • Program Income. If you plan to spend some Recovery grant funds on activities that generate program income, you’ll probably need a cost allocation plan. See Program Income Job Aid.


  • Choose correct form version. If you ask for reimbursement of all funds, choose “closeout version.”
  • Advance Justification. If you seek an advance, be sure to explain why you need it. Most grantees won’t need advance for FY22 but more may need advance in FY23.
  • Attach Itemized Expenditure Sheet (IES) in Excel. Use the excel form from the link in the RFF. Submit the form in Excel, not as a pdf, to expedite review.
  • Check that Expenditures by Line Item totals align w/ contract budget. 20% variance allowed.
  • Enter Expenditures by Line Item to match the Itemized Expenditures Sheet.
  • Enter Amount of Request that matches IES total.
  • Enter Annual Balance Remaining. This is the balance remaining for the one year in which funds are being requested, not the three year total grant balance remaining.


  • Complete all fields.
  • Attach Itemized Expenditure Form for all grant expenditures for the FY.
  • Attach copy of Contract Attachment B Notice of Audit Report.
  • Make sure your new UEI # is entered in your Organizational Profile.
  • Attach proof of credit.
  • If applicable, attach Program Income Cost Allocation Plan.
  • If applicable, attach copy of Single Audit completed by approved external auditor.