Fall 2021 Grants Workshop Webinar

The Fall 2021 grant workshop webinars are listed below in the order they were presented.

View the Grants 101 and Special Opportunities Grants Workshop with Jared Morrison, Director of Performing Arts that was recorded on October 13, 20201.

View the Arts Education Grants Workshop: School and LEA Applicants with Alicia Fuss, Director of Arts Education and Michelle Sipes, Arts Learning Specialist that was recorded on October 27, 20201.

View the Individual Artist Opportunities Grants Workshop with Lee Baird, Grants Analyst/Director of Literary Arts; Jared Morrison, Director of Performing Arts; and Krishna Adams, Director of Visual Arts, Craft, Media, and Design that was recorded on November 10, 20201.

View the Folklife Grants Workshop with Bradley Hanson, PhD, Director of Folklife and Evangeline Mee, Traditional Arts Specialist that was recorded on November 17, 20201.

View the Arts Access Grants Workshop with with Kim Johnson, Director of Arts Access that was recorded on December 1, 20201.