Debbie Litch

As Executive Director of Theater Memphis, Debbie Litch has had incredible success. Ms. Litch combines her vast business knowledge with her rich background in the arts to achieve the highest artistic goals for the Memphis arts community. Ms. Litch’s commitment to advancing the arts in Shelby County for decades is truly exceptional.

In the early 1980’s Ms. Litch moved to Memphis and found it to be one of the friendliest and vibrant communities anywhere. She worked for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art before helming Theater Memphis in 2004 as Executive Director.

Established in 1921, Theater Memphis is one of the largest and oldest theater companies in the country. By 2004 the theater was facing many challenges and struggling financially. Through her threefold commitment to community, artistic excellence, and financial responsibilities, Ms. Litch turned around the struggling organization and has established Theater Memphis as a model Arts Organization for the City of Memphis, for the state of Tennessee, and the United States.

Theater Memphis offers the community the richest arts experience for all citizens throughout the entire Tri-State area. It organizes the yearly participation of 800 volunteers in the community to produce nationally recognized theater and its outreach program has had a positive impact on Shelby County. Through Ms. Litch’s leadership, the outreach program collaborates with many organizations to help the underserved in the community.

Her outstanding service has earned her the Memphis Symphony Hebe Award, Germantown Arts Alliance Patron of the Arts Award, the Gyneka Award from the Women’s Theater Festival of Memphis, the Memphis Ostrander Theater Janie McCrary “Putting It Together Award”, the Diamond Crown Organization Award from the American Association of Community Theatre,  and the Amphion Award from the Memphis Symphony League.

Ms. Litch garnered national recognition for Theater Memphis from the American Association of Community Theaters by accepting the Twink Lynch Award for “successfully completing major steps in new directions, expanding services to communities, or moving to the next level of an organizational development.

Ms. Litch plays a vital role in the promotion, stability and growth of the arts in the City of Memphis. She is an active member of the Memphis Cultural Coalition, a roundtable of the city’s cultural leaders.

Under Ms. Litch’s arts leadership, the brightest days are ahead for Theater Memphis, as it celebrates the 100th anniversary year of operation with a renewed facility in the endowment fund, in the 2021 season.