Creative Placemaking

Town of Stanton

Grantee Address:
4 S Main St.
Stanton, TN 38069

Grant Amount: $8,000

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The Stanton Cannery, Kitchen

Town of Stanton continued expansion of the Stanton Cannery, a longstanding resource to the region for canning homegrown fruits and vegetables. The Cannery is working to become a commercial cannery/kitchen/café with the goal of becoming a culinary arts incubator and education center for local residents. This phase of the Cannery’s expansion focused on the purchase and installation of a triple sink, food processor, mixer with table stand, and ice maker, which was needed for local residents to process food and for the cannery meet local and state regulations. Recognition of the Cannery’s vital role in the community has attracted the mentorship by owners of a large regional restaurant in Jackson, TN.