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Chery Cratty

Studio Address: 176 Ponder Lane
Smithville, Tennessee 37166

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Plant fiber pulp is wet and gooey, and I use it as paint.

The traditional processes of hand paper making engaged me for over a decade.
Crafting paper pulp from plants was intriguing, but simply making sheets of paper from pulp lost its charm.

Coming from a background as a painter led me to consider how to turn this paper pulp into paint. This was a daunting prospect, as there were only a handful of pulp artists in the whole world and none of them used pulp the way I envisioned.

Previously unknown techniques of painting with pulp were developed by me through 10 years of experiments discovering what didn’t work, and the ensuing years working with what did.

These innovative techniques in a new craft medium brought me recognition as a Tennessee Master Craft Artist, and allowed me the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to an apprentice. Our goal is to raise the awareness of this craft and share it with others through teaching, craft shows, and exhibitions.

Handcrafted from traditional renewable paper making plant fibers, this environmentally friendly medium, which is produced in my studio, lends itself to creating rich textural landscapes.

My intention is to present scenes that are somehow familiar, that tug at memory.
They beckon you to follow the paths, to discover hidden places for quiet contemplation.

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