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Brenda Stein

Studio Address: Nashville, Tennessee
United States

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Phone: (615) 944-3299

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Nashville artist Brenda Stein is recognized for her graceful and uplifting turned wood art. She fosters timeless connections by creating commissioned pieces from trees that have special meaning to their owners. She was selected to design and create the 2007 Governor’s Award in the Arts for the state of Tennessee and is honored to have several works of art in the permanent collection of the Tennessee State Museum. Her Bellevue Branch Library public artwork Rise Above, commissioned by the city of Nashville, consists of over 80 birds made from the site’s reclaimed trees, flying in formation through the commons. She’s recently expanded her repertoire to include sculpture in other mediums. Brenda’s artwork can be found in select galleries and many private collections. She is a grateful arts advocate who works in association with arts organizations to build a stronger arts community and inspire others to indulge in their creative journeys.

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