Chattanooga to host Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit: Call for Proposals

By Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP, Executive Director, The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking –

We have room for more sessions at the 2018 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits. The deadline is November 17, 2018.

We are planning five Leadership Summits and Knowledge Exchanges to be held in various communities around the United States.  The convenings are as follows:

  • Southeast: March 15-16, Chattanooga, TN. Major theme: Creative placemaking in small towns and rural areas. Subtopics: Designing for wellness, diversity and inclusion, tactical urbanism| lighter, quicker, cheaper| demonstration projects, maintaining affordable spaces, creative placemaking in areas of persistent poverty.
  • Southwest & Rocky Mountains: April 6-7, Denver (CO): Major themes: Entrepreneurship and equity. Subtopics: creative placemaking in frontier towns, creative placemaking in mountain towns, Latino creative placemaking.
  • Northeast Corridor: May 3-4, Newark area (NJ). Major themes: Gentrification, making space for creativity (physical design), sports and arts. Subtopics: Introducing creative placemaking to communities, funding.
  • Appalachian: June 22-23, Charleston (WV): Major themes: Local economic development and community wellness. Subtopics: Building arts ecologies in isolated areas, invigorating arts in smaller communities, creative placemaking in industrial and post-industrial communities, placekeeping/ protecting the ethos of a community, building effective partnerships with elected officials, leaders of local non-arts-related businesses, and nonprofit organizations, building local arts communities, connecting to regional and larger arts markets, and mapping creative assets.
  • Capital Region (Washington DC area): October 5-6 or 19-20, College Park (MD).  Major themes: Protecting and developing historic, cultural and environmental assets; building a creativity ecosystem; empowering communities. Subtopics: Public/private partnerships, minimizing the negative effects of gentrification, policies and regulations, economic development, advancing social justice and equity, neighborhood preservation, public realm and public space, managing large-scale development, leveraging new investment to strengthen communities, leading community change, activating grassroots audiences, building creative economies in declining communities.

For more information, please contact Thomas Young, NCCP Program Coordinator, at or 973-763-6352, x2

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