Congratulations on receiving a Tennessee Arts Commission grant award!

Identify and select the appropriate link on the right for specific directions on managing your grant.

Manage Annual Grants for:

  • Major Cultural Institution (MCI), Cultural Education Partnerships (CEP), Partnership Support (PS), Arts Project Support (APS), Rural Arts Project Support (RAPS), Creative Placemaking (CP), Arts Access (AA), Arts Education Arts360 (ARTS360), Arts Education – Community Learning (AE-CL), Funds for At-Risk Youth (FAY), Arts Education- Teacher Training (AE-TT), and Creative Aging (CRTN1).

Manage Arts Build Community (ABC) Grants for:

  • ABC grants.

Manage Rolling Grants for:

  • Arts Access- Mini-Grant (AA-MG), Arts Education- Mini-Grant (AE-MG), Arts Education- Teacher Incentive (AE-TI), Professional Development Support (PDS), Special Opportunities (SPECOP), Technical Assistance (TA), and Touring Arts (TOUR).

Manage Individual Artist Fellowship (IAF) Grants for:

  • Individual Artist Fellowships (IAF)

Your record of managing grants, turning forms in on time and itemizing spent funds are part of your organization’s funding history. Your funding history is shared with grant review panelists each time you submit a new application. A favorable funding history improves your application’s overall rating. For instructions on how to manage your grant select one of the following options.

Hints for ALL Grant Recipients

Get Organized: Create a folder in which you keep any grant related materials that are not saved within the new online grant system.

Document Expenditures: You must provide documentation for grant funds and the match (if required), so keep up with check or invoice numbers and the date each check or invoice was written.

Don’t Procrastinate: Mark your calendar with deadlines such as when Revised Budget forms, grant contracts, and closeout documents are due. Sign and return your grant contract immediately. Submit Request for Funds forms on a timely basis. Be prepared to closeout the grant no later than 30 days after the project ends.

Spending Grant Funds: Grantees should make every effort possible to complete projects according to the application. This includes using your grant award in full. Failure to complete projects, returning unused funds, and/or canceling a grant will impact future funding.

Affirmative Duty to Report Organizational or Project Changes

Any grantee shall promptly notify the State in writing of any significant changes in the organization’s structure, leadership or financial circumstances that could affect services provided under the grant contract resulting from this application.

Additionally, grantees must carry out projects as described in the original grant application. However, circumstances beyond your control may arise. If this happens, submit an email to the program director with a detailed explanation of why you are seeking approval to change the scope of services as outlined in your application or grant contract, what those changes are, and the perceived impact on the project. Be sure to include the grant application or contract number in the email. You will receive an email notification in response to your request.

First time recipients, to expedite the processing time of grant payment requests:
  1. Fill out an IRS W-9 form and return email to
  2. Fill out and return State of Tennessee Supplier Direct Deposit Authorization Form (formerly an ACH form) and return as instructed to:

State of Tennessee
Attn: Supplier Maintenance
21st Floor WRS Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L Parks Ave
Nashville, TN 37243

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