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Roger R. Smith

Roger R. Smith

(b.1943), lives in Culleoka in Maury County
Untitled, (detail of peach seed carvings on platter), 2001
cherry platter, peach seeds, metal, paint, glue, 10 x 15 x 4.25 inches, 2002.45.10

This is an oval cherry platter upon which each section of fencing is carved from a peach pit. A total of six peach pit carved boars and sows are scattered across the field. Smith constructed the trees from two interlocking peach pits stacked together. For over 40 years Smith has been carving peach pits that differ from other peach seed carvers’ work in that it makes little reference to the original oval form of the seed. The figures are painted or otherwise embellished, and the subject matter is not limited to animals. Smith has carved other scenes including a baseball stadium of over 100 peach seed figurines including spectators and players. Smith’s peach seed Santa Claus became part of the White House ornament collection in 1993. Smith’s work and biography are featured in Robert Cogswell’s 2010 book Tradition: Tennessee Lives and Legacies. Smith commented in an interview with PBS that, “given enough time, I don’t think there is anything you can’t make out of a peach seed.”

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