FY2022 Annual Grant Panel Meetings Complete

By Ann Brown, Associate Director of Grants

Grant panel meetings for the Commission’s Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Grant cycle were held March 22 through April 16, 2021. Advisory panels were comprised of nearly 100 citizens from across Tennessee, representing the cultural and geographic diversity of the state as well as bringing expertise in organizational management, program creation and implementation, financial management, education, and other business and community development acumen. The panel process helps the Commission make informed decisions in awarding grants and providing technical assistance to applicants in 20+ grant categories. This work is not possible without the service of the many panelists reviewing, scoring, and providing feedback for hundreds of grant applications each year. Thank you to all panelists for their work during this process.

Additionally, thank you to organization representatives who attended the virtual panel meetings and provided further insight into their proposals for next fiscal year. While the past year has been difficult for many sectors, including arts and culture, it was wonderful to hear from constituents about their continued commitment to providing arts experiences and activities through an array of innovative approaches–virtual, hybrid, and in-person in Tennessee communities. The panel meetings are a good reminder of the work through the arts happening across the state and even more so a reminder of the beneficial and transformational power of the arts.

Here is a list of this year’s panelists:

Laurie Allen
Liza Blair
Jody Blake
Bryna Bobick
Raphael Bundage
Linda Caldwell
Yvette Campagna
Elizabeth (Lisa) Carroll
Ethan Castelo
Colleen Chandler
Janine Christiano
Margo Clark
Yuri Cunza
David Dansby
Carmen Davis
Angela DeMaris
James (Jim) Dodson
Monic Ductan
Isaac Duncan III
Amy Evans
John Fabke
Donald Fann
Brad Foust
Casey Fox
Amanda Galbraith
Tatiana Gant
Shaun Giles
Katie Goodwin
Francis Graffeo
Tawnysha Greene
Fernando Guadarrama
Yolanda Harper
Marcus Hayes
Mary Hendershot
Alicia Henry
Barbara Hodges
Lila Honaker
Kimberly Hooper-Taylor
William Isom
Ann Jones
Ellen W Kanervo
Megan Kelley
Parke Kennedy
Rachel Knox
Jen-Jen Lin
Janet Lo
Todd Lowe
Van Maravalli
Emily Marks
Rosalind Martin
Brett McCluskey
Carolyn McCormick
Paul McCoy
Jennifer McGrath
Sarah McLeod
Carol Miraglia
Samson Mobashar
Melissa Mortimer
William Murray
Tracy Nichols
Cardell Orrin
Sonia Outlaw-Clark
Damion Pearson
Dennis Perkins
Charita/Rita Perry
Rebecca Proffitt
Randy Purcell
Jillian Rael
Briona Richardson
Brian Ricker
Amanda C Roche
Mary Schoenfeld
Rachel Shankman
Lauren Shepherd
Hana Sherman
Todd Shipley
Rhonda Shook-Causie
Bill Steber
Linda Steele
Mark Stevans
Jason Stout
Celine Thackston
Stratton Tingle
Cecilia Tribble
Rodney Van Valkenburg
Sydney Varajon
Rychetta Watkins
Jinx Watson
Marcus Wicker
Sarah Williams
Robert Willie
Gretchen Wollert-McLennon
Cindi Younker
Nan Zierden