Folk & Traditional Arts Master Artist Fellowships: Deadline Approaching

TN’s Sue Williams, White Oak basketmaker, 2019 Master Artist Fellow

From Ivan Schustak, South Arts –

Applications close January 15, 2020

The Folk & Traditional Arts Master Artist Fellowships recognize master folk and traditional artists from Central Appalachian counties in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee who have demonstrated long-term practice and expertise of their art form or cultural practice. Nine awards (three per state) of $9,000 each will be provided to individual folk and traditional artists to support their continued training, research and/or learning opportunities.

A master artist is an individual who possesses exemplary knowledge and skill and is recognized by their cultural community for their contributions. For the purposes of this application, the folk and traditional arts of Central Appalachia include music, crafts, occupational techniques, foodways, dance, and oral traditions such as storytelling.

Interested in pursuing this opportunity? Review our program overview and guidelines, and apply before January 15, 2020.

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