Lewis Snyder

Lewis Snyder

(n.d.) lives in Murfreesboro in Rutherford County
Stoneware pot, 1973
20 x 11 inches, 77.36.6

For over 40 years, avid potter and instructor, Snyder has owned and operated Studio S Pottery, a private clay workshop with galleries committed to the design, creation and exhibition of fine hand-made clay art work. Studio S Pottery has been recommended by the U.S. government to produce architectural and ornamental terra cotta for use in the restoration of historical buildings.

Snyder received his B.A. and B.S. at Glenville State College in West Virginia and his M.F.A. at Ohio University in Athens. He also studied in Rome and Italy. Over the years Snyder has made significant ceramic breakthroughs. He organized and directed the U.S.A. International Ceramic Symposia, he researched and supervised the building for the Joe L. Evans Appalachian Center for Craft, he was a previous director of craft at the Tennessee Arts Commission, the founder of the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists that was established in 1964 and he established the first Tennessee State Crafts Fair. Suspicious

His work can be found in the collections of Emerson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY; Museum of Contemporary Craft, in New York, NY; Ohio University in Athens, OH;  the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC; Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, MO; Mississippi State College for Women in Columbus, MS; Eastern Kentucky State in Richmond, KY; Evansville University in Evansville, IN; Florida State Junior College; and the National Endowment of the Arts in Washington, D.C. Tennessee collections include Austin Peay State College, East Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt University,Tennessee State Museum, Memphis Academy of Arts, and the Hunter Museum of American Art. Snyder’s work can also be seen in the White House collection as part of Jimmy Carter’s dinnerware, an NEA gift for Richard Nixon, a ceremonial tray for Ronald Reagan, dinnerware for George Bush Sr. and an ornament for Bill and Hillary Clinton. His work has been internationally collected at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czechoslovakia; and the International Symposium Museum in Bechyne, Czechoslovakia.

As a working artist I am influenced by the age in which I live in and my immediate surrounding. Therefore these factors effect the way I use my materials and the solutions I achieve in my work. My major goals have changed very little through out my career as a clay artist but my work continues to evolve. My ambition is to continue working with clay, sometimes metal, as a sculptor, exploring the possibilities of Form, pushing the limits of my media and continuing to explore new avenues for developing glazes and other color solutions suitable for my work. – Lewis Snyder

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