30 days After Submission:
Grant award letter is mailed to the school. Notify artist or arts organization that your project has been funded. If you do not receive a letter by 30 days after submitting your application, contact Dani Brown at 615-532-5934 or by email at

Cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
If a funded event is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the organizing teacher must notify the Tennessee Arts Commission within ten working days from the date of cancellation. You must make every effort to reschedule the event or find a different eligible event.



IMPORTANT: The STS Evaluation must be submitted online in the eGrant system using these instructions. Failure to do so will result in the grant not being funded.

DEADLINE: The STS Evaluation must be completed no later than 30 days after the STS field trip or artist visit or by June 1, 2017, whichever comes first. Failure to do so by June 1, 2017 may result in the school not receiving the STS grant funds.

1. Go to the eGrant system.

2. Login using the same username and password that was registered to submit the Student Ticket Subsidy application awarded funding.

3. In the “Drafts” folder, click the box next to TAC Student Ticket Subsidy 2017 STS Evaluation that has the Application # corresponding to the STS Event/Project that you were awarded funding. It should look like this below. (Note that the Evaluation has been submitted when it appears under the “History” folder.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.36.33 PM4. Complete each of the following sections.

  • Date of Evaluation & Request for Funds: This is the date that you are completing the Evaluation in eGrant.
  • eGrant Application ID: This corresponds with the number listed in your award letter or can be found in your eGrant account. See red arrow above.
  • School Name: Name of the school that applied for the grant.
  • School Address: This is the address where the check should be mailed.
  • Contact Person Name, Email, and Phone
  • Original Total Grant Award Amount: This is the amount the school was awarded and appears in the first paragraph of the award letter.

  • Event/Project Title: Title of the STS event/project.
  • Amount Used for Artist Fee/Ticket Funding: This amount is the agreed upon fee that is owed to the artist or arts group for the STS event/project. It should be equal to or less than the Artist Fee/Ticket Funding Request from your STS application.
  • Amount Used for Travel Funding: This is the amount of funds used for gas and/or buses to travel to STS Event/Project. It should be equal to or less than the Travel Funding Request from your STS application. This does not include travel costs for the artists which should be rolled into the amount paid to the Artist/Arts Group.
  • Total to be paid for Event/Project: This amount should prepopulate indicating the total actual amount of grant funds spent for the Event/Project.

REQUIRED – Please upload applicable artist invoice and/or transportation receipt. Do not submit the Evaluation without the invoice and/or receipt.

  • Artist/Arts Group Invoice: Browse to upload the invoice provided by the Artist/Arts Group indicating the exact amount owed by the school and verifying that the Event/Project has already occurred. Acceptable formats: .jpg, .pdf, Word.
  • Transportation Receipt: Browse to upload the receipt from the transportation provider charging the school for gas and/or buses to take students on the STS field trip (if applicable). Acceptable formats: .jpg, .pdf, Word.

  • Total Individuals Benefiting: Indicate the total Number of Adults engaged and total Number of Youth engaged in the STS Event/Project. The Total Individuals engaged will prepopulate.
  • Artists Participating: Indicate the number of artists participating in providing services specifically identified with the STS grant award.
  • Total Student Population of School: Indicate the total number of students in the school including those who did or did not participate in the STS project.
  • Project Activity Location: Please fill in the physical address where Event/Project took place. This may be different than the school’s address. Use the street address or rural route number.

  • Project Descriptors: Mark which, if any, of the descriptors comprise a significant portion (50% or more) of the grant’s resources/activities. Mark all that apply. If none apply, or if the descriptors apply to a small or indeterminate portion of the grants resources/activities, leave this field blank. For Student Ticket Subsidy, mark descriptor P – Presenting/Touring as well as any other descriptors that apply.
  • Number of Days Project/Activity Occurred: Count the number of days from the beginning to the end of the project.
  • Populations Benefited: For the next three questions, select all categories that, by your best estimate, made up 25% or more of the population that directly benefited from the award during the period of support. These responses should refer to populations reached directly, rather than through broadcasts or online programming.

  • Agree/Disagree – Did the Student Ticket Subsidy project:
  • Expose students to a high quality arts performance, exhibit, and/or artist?
  • Allow students hands-on participation in the art form through creating, dancing, acting, singing/playing an instrument, and/or writing?
  • Align content presented with arts and/or non-arts curriculum standards?
  • Include student assessment in the arts and/or non-arts subjects?
  • Increase appreciation for and/or deepen student understanding in the arts?
  • Increase appreciation for and/or deepen student understanding in the non-arts subjects?
  • Other project outcomes/comments: Expand upon your feedback from above or provide additional comments about the project, artist, etc.

  • Would you apply for STS funds in the future? Why or why not?
  • Name and Title: Provide this information for the person completing the STS Evaluation.
  • Certification: Click the “I certify” button to agree that the information you have provided is correct.

5. Once you have completed all sections of the evaluation, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. NOTE: If you did not complete all required sections, you will receive a notification to go back and fix it.

6. After clicking “Save” and the “Next” buttons, this will take you to the “Check and Submit” page. Click the Submit button to submit your STS Evaluation.

Organizing teacher notifies school bookkeeper of award. A check will be mailed to the address provided in the STS Evaluation approximately 30 days after properly submitting the Evaluation.

For questions about submitting your STS Evaluation, contact one of the following Commission staff members and be sure to include the Application ID for the application/grant you are referencing:
Danielle Brown, Arts Education Special Projects Coordinator, or 615-532-5934
Ann Brown, Director of Arts Education, or 615-532-5939


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