30 days After Submission:
Grant award letter is mailed to the school. Notify artist or arts organization that your project has been funded. If you do not receive a letter by 30 days after submitting your application, contact James Wells at 615-532-5934 or by email at james.wells@tn.gov.

30 Days After Project
No later than 30 days after the completion of the STS activity, the organizing teacher must complete the STS Evaluation in the eGrant system and upload the artist invoice and/or transportation receipt (if applicable). Failure to complete the Evaluation within 30 days will disqualify the school from receiving current STS funding. Instructions for accessing the Evaluation will be provided with the award letter if the STS request is funded.

After  Completing the STS Evaluation
Organizing teacher notifies school bookkeeper of award. School bookkeeper contacts the central office/school district’s bookkeeper or fiscal agent and references “ALERT! Arts Student Ticket Subsidy”. School provides proof of award (award letter) and proof of payment or bill (invoice from artist) to district to claim funds. The district may transfer funds to the school or write the check directly to the artist depending upon the fiscal policies of each district.

30-60 Days After Completing STS Evaluation:
The Tennessee Department of Education will transfer funds to school districts with schools that have been awarded STS grants and successfully submitted the STS Evaluation. These funds will appear by direct deposit as “ALERT! Arts Student Ticket Subsidy.”

If a funded event is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the organizing teacher must notify the Tennessee Arts Commission within ten working days from the date of cancellation. You must make every effort to reschedule the event or find a different eligible event.

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