• June 1: Applications & Guidelines go live for the following fiscal year.
  • July 1: Grant Funds available for allocation. Each grant category has a limited amount of funds available every fiscal year. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until all funds are depleted.

Please read information on How to Manage a Grant.

For questions about submitting a Rolling Grant Evaluation Form, contact the appropriate Commission staff member:

  • Arts Education Mini-Grants & Arts Education Teacher Incentive grants, contact Ann Brown,  615-532-5939.
  • Arts Access Mini-Grant contact contact Kim Johnson, 615-532-9797.
  • Touring grants contact Jared Morrison, 615-532-9801.
  • Technical Assistance, Special Opportunities, & Professional Development Support grants, contact Hal Partlow, 615-741-2093.
Grant Notifications

Grant award and denial emails are sent to all applicants. If you do not receive an email within ten working days after you receive a submission notification, contact Commission staff.

If awarded funding, the digits within your application identification number(for example, #R-1701-02248) will become the identifying numbers associated with the award. It may also be referred to as your Grant number or your Tracking/Contract number. The preceding letter may change.

Award emails include instructions on how to accept the award.

To accept the award & Grant Contract submissions

A state contract will be sent via DocuSign email to the primary signatory listed on your grant application.  If this name or email is incorrect, please contact Diane Williams with the correct name and email.

The primary signatory must respond to the DocuSign email referencing this request with an electronic signature on the contract. Please review the contract and budget for this award in the Documents section of your application in the online grantmaking system or by looking at the document routed to your agency’s primary signatory in DocuSign.

If you have questions, please contact your program director or Grants Manager Diane Williams at 615-741-6395. Upon countersignature of the contract by the Tennessee Arts Commission, an executed copy will be forwarded to you and always available for reference in the Online Grants System.

How to use Docusign to reply to a request for an electronic (digital) signature

The primary signatory listed on your grant application will receive and emailed grant contract from the Tennessee Arts Commission for review and digital signature. Reply to this request as soon as possible.

Read through the contract carefully.  If you have questions, please contact or 615-253-8914.

If there are no questions, please proceed to sign.

  1. Click on the Signature icon on the left.
  2. Drag the signature icon with your name and place it on the line for Grantee Signature.
  3. Drag the Date Signed above the DATE on the Grantee Signature line.
  4. On the line for “PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF GRANTEE SIGNATORY (above), click and drag your first name, last name, and title from the fields on the left.  If the title box is blank, please type in your title.
  5. Click FINISH at the bottom.
  6. When the “Log in to DocuSign” pops up, click NO THANKS.

You should now see a message from DocuSign that “You have successfully signed your document using DocuSign.”

Failure to Return an electronically signed contract

The primary signatory for your application must respond to the DocuSign email referencing this request with an electronic signature before the activity starts (we suggest as soon as it is received). Failure to respond to the DocuSign request by the activity start date WILL result in the cancellation of your award.

  • No grant funds may be obligated toward the funded project until a contract between your organization and the Commission has been executed and approved by all parties.
Requesting Funds and Closeout

Rolling Grants are reimbursement grants. To request funds, grant recipients must fill out the Rolling Grant Evaluation Form in the online grants system. This should occur after the project/activity is complete, but NO LATER than 30 days after your project end date or June 15, whichever comes first.

You will find the Rolling Grant Evaluation Form in the Grants Management – Reports Due link in the left-hand menu of the Online Grants System.


The Rolling Grant Itemized Expenditures Form must be downloaded from the Information – Document Library link located in the left-hand menu of the Online Grants System.


The Rolling Grant Itemized Expenditures Form should contain check or invoice numbers where indicated (or CC/DC if payment was made by credit or debit card); sign and date the form before saving and attaching to the Rolling Grant Evaluation form.

All rolling grants are paid as reimbursements after the activity is complete.

Grants must be closed out no later than 30 days after the project ending date or June 15, whatever comes first. The applicant’s ability to manage grants, including submitting forms on time and documenting how funds are spent, becomes part of your funding history and is reviewed each time you submit a new application.

Upload the following items to the Rolling Grant Evaluation Form, depending upon what type of rolling grant you have been awarded. Documents should be uploaded in the “Documents” section below the “Required Documents” on your Rolling Grant Evaluation Form.  Accepted file types include .pdf, .jpg, or .png. For video and audio samples, provides links to projects in the section labeled “Optional Material Link(s)” below the “Documents” section.

  • For Arts Access Mini-grants, Arts Education Mini-Grants and Touring grants, upload documentation of use of Tennessee Arts Commission credit. See LOGO USAGE AND CREDIT MATERIALS section for further information.
  • For Arts Education Teacher Incentive grants, Professional Development grants, and Special Opportunities grants upload receipts for documented expenses (except travel by vehicle, which is calculated by mileage), and proof of attendance.
  • For Technical Assistance Grants, upload a copy of the consultant’s report (if applicable), or if the grant award funded attendance at a conference, meeting, convening, etc. upload proof of attendance at the event (name tag, on-site registration, photograph, etc.).
  • All grants, upload a copy of the Rolling Grant Itemized Expenditures Form
    • If any payments on the itemized expenditure sheet were paid in cash, receipts must be uploaded to verify payment.



Fill out an IRS W-9 form and return email to

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