East TN

Glass House Neighborhood Revitalization Project
Glass House Collective: $8,000
Located in urban East Chattanooga, Glass House Collective was founded in 2012 to “bring life back to Glass Street and Glass Street back to life.” With the award, Glass House Collective will implement projects proposed in the “How-To Guide” developed at recent community conference. Projects include a bike repair station, a pop-up movie night, commissioning an artist to paint colorful crosswalks, commissioning an artist to implement a gateway mural with logo, and developing pop-up “living room” installations in six vacant properties—all designed to ignite the spark that will bring about positive community change and make Glass Street safer, cleaner and more inviting.

LaFollette Downtown Redevelopment Project
Campbell County Historical Society: $6,000
The Postmark LaFollette project seeks to repurpose the historic former LaFollette post office facility as an arts and culture center, exhibit space, and performance venue. For an area lacking in industry and economic strength, but rich in natural beauty and resources, the series of included events and exhibits in the project are intended to spur artistic and cultural experiences valuable to locals and tourists alike.

The Chilhowee Park Mural Project
East Tennessee Quality Growth, Inc.: $6,000
The Chilhowee Park Mural Project will select a local artist to create a series of murals on park retaining walls and in a public walkway tunnel. With the aim of reconnecting the community to the public space and establishing the park as an asset that will drive private investment in the challenged surrounding area, the mural panels will depict historic postcard imagery reflecting Chilhowee’s once esteemed place in Knoxville.

MainStreet Dayton Cultural & Heritage Project
MainStreet Dayton: $6,000
The Scopes Festival began 27 years ago. In 2014, MainStreet Dayton and Cumberland County Playhouse partnered to create Front Page News, a historically accurate play about the famous 1925 Scopes Evolution Trial. This grant will provide funding for technical support and equipment that will expand the festival’s programming and the Front Page News production. The project is part of an ongoing effort to repurpose the Rhea County Courthouse as an Arts and History Center.

Decatur Downtown Revitalization Project
Town of Decatur, Tennessee: $7,300
Downtown Summer Nights (DSN), a summer concert series, was created in 2015 through a partnership between the Town of Decatur, Meigs County and the Meigs County-Decatur Chamber of Commerce. In its inaugural year, the series has done much more than provide the opportunity for people to experience the arts in a way previously not available. The concerts have proven to be beneficial to local business owners by driving traffic downtown, and to all citizens by providing a place to gather. The 2016 series will consist of 5 concert nights with 3-4 hours of music per night.

Middle TN

The Cumberland Garden Community Mural Project
Urban Housing Solutions: $8,000
A public visual art project where neighborhood school children collaborate with Tennessee State University arts students and community members in the conception and creation of a 400’ by 5’ mural at the corner of 26th Avenue North and Clarksville Pike in North Nashville. Led by Sterling Goller-Brown, an experience muralist, the mural project is intended to help students experience and value artistic self-expression, while the finished product would also come to serve as a symbol of inclusive revitalization in the neglected and disinvested neighborhood.

Clarksville Downtown Revitalization Project
Clarksville Arts & Heritage Development Council: $5,700
This grant will fund various multi-media productions in downtown Clarksville in conjunction with the development of a community garden. Clarksville’s depressed downtown area was extensively damaged by a 1999 tornado. The project will work with schools and other community organizations to develop film content, including school choral and instrumental concerts, orchestra performances, local film festival submissions, and a special video art installation. The project will be an opportunity to bring community members downtown for arts-related activities.

Carthage Junction Depot Redevelopment Project
Smith County Chamber of Commerce: $5,800
The Carthage Junction Depot project will remake the historic, but endangered structure into a multipurpose space for local artists to display their work that will encourage and foster appreciation for the arts. The space will also serve to preserve the history of rail in Smith County with a museum devoted to the history of railroads in Smith County as well as an exhibition dedicated to war veterans who set out from the original depot. The remodeled space will also include an internet café and kayak/bike rental space.

Winding Stairs Park Development Project
Macon County Arts Council: $4,850
As a public park develops around the Winding Stairs natural landmark, this grant will fund the integration of art into the design through a logo, signage, paintings, a sculpture and a mural. The park was opened in June 2015 within the borders of Macon County featuring woods, hillsides, bluffs, natural springs and an impressive, deeply entrenched stream gorge. Erosion from the stream has created small drops with the vertical walls of the bordering cherry limestone, creating the Winding Stairs. The Art at Winding Stairs project will include creations by school children and local artists throughout its implementation.

West TN

Memphis Community Building and Engagement Project
Playback Memphis: $7,990
Based on the Playback theater model, Performing the Peace aims to develop strengthened levels of trust and cohesion in Memphis’s economically challenged Frayser neighborhood. The award will expand and refine an ongoing project that connects ex-offenders, Memphis police officers and the Playback Memphis ensemble in a collaborative and creative exchange, storytelling and public performance process. Through this project, the community is provided with a set of artistic tools to be used to address community concerns in a positive, empathetic manner. There will be a particular focus on local youth and the creation of a community-centered apprentice ensemble of citizen artists dedicated to Frayser.

Orange Mound Community Building and Engagement Project
Blues City Cultural Center, Inc.: $6,000
“This is Orange Mound” is a six-week summer intergenerational arts project designed to bring elders and youth together for common purpose and understanding in the historic, but now challenged, predominantly African-American Orange Mound community. The project will serve thirty 10th to 12th graders who reside in Orange Mound or have connections to the community, particularly those who have limited exposure to the arts. The program will include instruction in a variety of arts forms, life skills, community services, as well as science and technology training. It will promote collaborative learning that fosters teamwork, group cohesiveness and open dialogue. “This is Orange Mound will culminate with a multimedia performance.

Dresden Community Farmer’s Market and City Park Enhancement Project
City of Dresden: $3,360
The City of Dresden, in partnership with the University of Tennessee at Martin Department of Visual and Theatre Arts, propose a “Meet the Artist” program. Local artists will be featured at the Dresden Farmers Market twice monthly between May and September 2016. Intended to enhance the quality of community life and build support for local art, the program offers visitors opportunities to interact with the artists with talks and demonstrations. The project will also include a community-driven mural painted by young artists to enhance the Dresden City Park.

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