Final Brush Strokes Complete the Commemorative Columbia Fire Mural

City of Columbia finishes mural with assistance from partner funding agency Tennessee Arts Commission

By Thad H. Jablonski, Finance Director/Assistant City Manager, Columbia, TN –

Columbia muralMuralist Michael T. Colley completed the first side of the stunning new 2017 Columbia Public Mural Project as he brushed the last strokes of paint Sunday evening, June 25th. The Columbia Fire Mural, now a prominent icon for the City, is located in front of Columbia Fire Station No.1, 1000 South Garden Street.

A wide angle shot of the mural shows moving imagery that represents and commemorates 150 years of fire service by the Columbia Fire Department. The City also plans to develop land behind the mural into a future “Firefighters Park.” Both the park and mural are key to the city’s celebration plans for the Columbia Fire Department’s Sesquicentennial in 2018.

Marking the South Garden Street gateway to the City of Columbia Arts District, the second side of the serpentine mural wall facing the intersection of Garden Street/Carmack Boulevard is a blank canvas waiting to be completed. Phase two will follow once the Mural Design Committee finalizes the design with muralist Michael Colley.

Columbia increasingly serves as the premier arts and cultural anchor in the South Central Tennessee region. The arts are a driving force with the establishment of economic and cultural businesses, arts organizations, relocation and increasing interest by individual artists and creatives participating in Columbia’s “creative economy.” The City is committed to the arts industry and the opportunity to promote development of the arts district, downtown, and other initiatives aimed at attracting artists and creative professionals while improving the quality of life for its citizens. In the last year, the establishment of the year-old Columbia Arts District has witnessed neighborhood renewal and ground-up community development as the district brings new investment, incoming artists and creatives as well as new business formation.The City expresses

The City expresses special thanks to the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC), a partner agency that awarded the City of Columbia $2,500 in grant funds to finance half the cost of phase one of the fire mural completed this week. Additionally, the City appreciates the South Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD), who assisted TAC in executing the grant contract. The mural project was initiated by the Columbia Arts Council and the City of Columbia with the objective of developing the city’s first public mural, a strategic planning objective in the current year plan.

The 2017 Columbia Pubic Mural Project uses public art to celebrate the Columbia Fire Department with a lasting monument dedicated to 150 years of service to businesses and residents of Columbia, Tennessee. The new mural, once both sides are complete, will make art more accessible to all Columbia residents, while providing an opportunity to recognize the fire department and beautify the gateway to the city’s budding arts district.

The City of Columbia encourages residents to take a trip to the Columbia Arts District to see the Columbia Fire Mural first hand.

Columbia Mural

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