AEP5 measures the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences. Data is being collected through two types of surveys:

Organizational Expenditure Survey

The organizational survey will be delivered directly to nonprofits across the state by AFTA via email. This includes all organizations who are not-for-profit and are either specifically classified as an arts and culture organization or have some type of arts and culture programming. It asks for itemized information about each organization’s fiscal year 2015 revenue, expenses, staff/volunteers and attendance. Click here to download an example survey from AEP4. 

Audience-Intercept Survey

This survey is administered at arts and cultural activities. It measures the spending of guests in relation to the event. This includes purchases that are not at the event, but are a result of it (travel, food, lodging, etc.). If you are interested in administering audience surveys at your event, contact your local study partner or TN Arts Commission staff member Grace Robinson.

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