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Thank you for a great year

By Anne B. Pope, Executive Director – This year has been so rewarding, filled with many accomplishments for the arts in Tennessee. I want to take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to all of you who have made this possible. Thank you to those artists

Rich Boyd awarded the 2014 Gary Young Award

GREETINGS FROM ANNE B. POPE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Last week, Commissioners Patsy Camp, Stephanie Connor and Ed Gerace, several staff members and I attended the 2014 Assembly hosted by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. This bi-annual event offers state arts agencies the unique opportunity

Meet the FY 2014 IAF Winners

Kelly Bond Choreographer and performer Kelly Bond uses her art to better know and express the human person. She and her duet partner, Melissa Krodman, have used their past works to explore the consciousness and unconsciousness of humanity. Their newest explorative piece, “Jean & Terry:

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